Select Online Poems:

“Medal”, “Breadline Gladiators”, “Dun Laoghaire Ireland”:

Hennessey New Irish Writing

“To Evie”:

Mad Swirl

“Artemishia Gentileschi”, “Beltane Fire Festival in Edinburgh“, “A Miner’s Hand”:

The Galway Review


Ink, Sweat and Tears

“Witch, Scrying“, “Tattoos”, “Roads”, “Wamth”:

Medea Magazine


The Scum Gentry Alternative Arts

“Yet Once More“, “Berg”:

Live Encounters

“Monkey Gone to Heaven”:

Fresh Air Poetry

“Romans at Drumanagh”, “Taurcotony”, “After the Bailey”, “Reina Del Pacifico”:

A New Ulster

“Mosh Pit”

Bare Hands Poetry

“Passage Plan”


“Martyr Meal”

Sixteen Magazine


Fredricksburg Literary and Arts Review


Deep Water Literary Review

“Shipping Lane”:

Bray Arts Journal

A Gained Experience”

Silver Birch Press

A Golden Breeze,” “Lion Country”

Levure Litteraire

“Poems from the Coast” Series


Other poems from print publications include:

‘Rebel Song’, Optic (college publication, April 2012), 

‘Una’s Law’, Limerick Revival (December 2012) 

‘Haulier’, Boyne Berries (September 2013) 

Summer Goes On’, The Stony Thursday Book (anthology ed. Paddy Bushe, October 2013) 

‘Flying Columns’ The Seven Towers 2014 Census, (anthology ed. Philip Lynch, February 2014) 

‘The Waiting Room‘ HeadSpace Magazine (July, 2014) 

‘Immram‘, The Sea (charity anthology in aid of the RNLI, April 2015) 

‘A Volunteer’, Zymbol Magazine (January 2016)

‘Spring in the Sablon‘, FLARE Narrowsheet (August 2016)

‘Savonarola’, The Gladstone Anthology (ed. Peter O’ Neill, September 2017)

‘Sea Batteries’  People on the Pier Anthology (ed. Betty Stenson and Marian Keyes, September 2018)

‘Border Crossing’ , ROPES Literary Journal (April, 2019)

‘Poem for a Bridge’, Ireland of the Welcomes (April, 2019)

‘Mountpleasant Aubade’ , Banshee Press (September, 2019)

‘Outage’, New Missouri Review (forthcoming, January 2020)

Daniel Wade

Daniel Wade is a poet and playwright from Dublin. In January 2017, his play The Collector opened the 20th anniversary season of the New Theatre, Dublin. His spoken word album Embers and Earth, available for download on iTunes and Spotify, launched the previous October at the National Concert Hall. A prolific performer, Daniel has featured in festivals including Electric Picnic, Body and Soul, Culture Night and the West Belfast Festival. Daniel was the Hennessy New Irish Writing winner for April 2015 in The Irish Times, and his poetry has appeared in over two dozen publications since 2012.