"Summer Goes On" published in The Stony Thursday Book

"Summer Goes On" was published in Autumn 2013 issue of The Stony Thursday Book, a collection of contemporary poetry edited by Paddy Bushe and published by the Arts Office of Limerick City. 


Summer Goes On


All I have is a sink of shaving water,

And a future burnt to cinders.

The horn of evening sags over rooftops,

Dublin squats in her womb of colour.


Engraved among traffic lights and alleys,

My footprints leave their polluted prose.

I strut without shame down Bachelor’s Walk,

Chewing my loneliness like tobacco. 


The punters are a forest of sunburnt limbs,

Accents fluid as alkali, eyes jacketed in black glass.

My hands are steady, my eyes swallow 

The detail of faces, unnamed as balaclavas. 


August goes on, in unstoppable colour. 

Four corners of boredom salt the edge. 

The life I find myself leading has shrunk,

As I learn silence as a second language.